Monday, September 26


     I often think of patience as a kindly virtue of moms and little old ladies. Reading tonight, I have discovered that patience in the bible is often translated as perseverance.
     A new, but welcome thought for me because perseverance sounds much stronger as a word than patience. People who persevere are fighters not meek, waiting little people with no fight to them. Those who have the endurance  to run the race, fight the fight, finish the course...these are those who my gut level feeling patience is not always a virtue even though I have been taught differently by my“persevering, patient” mother.
    " Persevering, patient" now becomes redundant if what I have learned in my reading has any validity. I think I would like to be known as a woman who persevered maybe even more than a woman who was patient. Of course it is all just a "play with words" idea,and I do so like to play with words. Patience or perseverance...,either way it is a fruit of the spirit that I need to cultivate more each day. Galatians 5:22

So how do you feel about this thought?  Do you view patience as perseverance?

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