Tuesday, November 14

1000 GIFTS

11/14/06 e-mails from friends, fresh baked apple pie,positive comments about blog entry, husband, internet pictures of ship that grandson-to-be (August 18) is on, gift of prayer,

Sunday, November 12


No gift unrecognized as coming from God is at its own best... when in all gifts we find Him, then in Him we shall find all things."~ George MacDonald~ “Your family is just so lucky!” “You just seem to have all the luck.” “You don’t know about problems” Throughout my life my friends have made comments about “how lucky” I am. Usually I try to indicate that luck has had nothing to do with our life, and that God has had everything to do with it. Not that we haven’t struggled or known disappointment; of course we have. We all do. But, we have attempted to recognize that God is in control, and if we allow Him, He will take charge of all things. Putting Him first is not always easy, and we have not always been successful at this, but when we have done this, our days are easier and smoother. We have claimed his promise of “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”(Romans 8:28) Fifty year of marriage, two children, two in-law children and four grandchildren are gifts that we recognize as coming from God, and because of this recognition we have found all things. A marriage without Christ as its center can be good but not great! Great marriage relationships grow when they are Christ centered. When both partners recognize that the love they share is based in their love for Christ, it is then they gain the gift of “all things.” The good and perfect gift of God’s love becomes a reality in the marriage. Children of a marriage are gifts from God, and when we acknowledge this and raise them as gifts fit to give back to Him, it is then we can truly know the pleasure of all things. As our children and grandchildren continue to grow and serve Him, they give us the gift of their love and His love, and it is then we begin to understand our purpose in life. Our purpose is to acknowledge to the world around us that our family is a gift from God. We must treasure that gift, thank Him for it, and use it in the way He planned.My prayer is that as we watch our grandchildren begin to marry and start families that they will recognize and acknowledge to the world around them that God is the center of their home. By doing this they too will be able to “find all things in Him.”

Wednesday, November 8

Thousand Gifts List

Between now and Christmas I am joining with Christian Women OnLine to make random entries as they come to mind of the gifts God has blessed me with this holiday season. Starting today they will be found on this blog site. I hope you share with me in the wonderful blessings God has bestowed upon this child of His. 11/08/06...telephone conversations with my daughter...white clouds in the blue sky of Florida...friends calling my name...grandaughter -to- be sharing her bridesmaid's dress via e-mail...she included me...smell of spaghetti sauce simmering,e-mail and instant message to keep in touch with my daughter,11/11/06 friends to share music with, American Remembers music at Palladium, vehicles that let all six of us ride together,flexible fingers to play piano, ability to walk, the little green parakeets flying over golf course 11/12/06 flea markets, music in worship, new people in worship, warmth of sun on aching shoulders,