Monday, July 23

A PLANNED CELEBRATION Of course I danced at the wedding reception!!! Before my hip replacement on May 29,I had promised myself and my grandson that I would do that very thing. And because of many prayers and God’s physical healing I was there in my high-heeled dancing shoes for a dance with my grandson when the celebration music began to play. The weather was perfect for July, the church was overflowing and the ceremony performed by the groom’s uncle was a tribute to God and His love for these children. Vows were made and pledges for eternity were given. As I walk and think on the weekend’s festivities I pray that “what God has joined together let no man put asunder.” The ceremony and the reception reflected the planning that had been made for the six months prior to the event. During that time, the bride carried a notebook and made a list for each detail of the event. She studied magazines, talked to others and listened to experts so that when her wedding day arrived she would be guaranteed the celebration of her dreams. As the day grew closer, she was patient but insistent that all things would be as she intended. Her guidelines were clear. I am amazed at the exactness of her plans. Nothing had been left to chance. Nothing left to chance! Why wouldn’t we do the same with our plans for eternity? Why don’t we make sure of our future by studying, talking with others and listening to experts? God certainly has provided us the plans and the people to instruct us about the future. Not only has He given directives for the future but also instructions about how to prepare for it as we live our life here on earth. He too is patient but persistent that His plans are followed. Perhaps as Paige planned for a celebration that she so wanted to be “perfect”, we too should plan for that day when as a part of the bride of Christ we join the bridegroom for eternity. What a day that will be for those who have heard and accepted his invitation! May we all walk in such a way that we can dance at the "WEDDING". Enjoy your walk today.

Tuesday, July 17


As I walk in the early morning air, I look forward to the week ahead. Our oldest grandson is getting married on Saturday, and all my children are coming home. My 90 year old mother is visiting and many relatives of both families will be traveling to celebrate with the young couple as they start a life together. I am so excited. The church building will be covered with candles and flowers. The invitations have been sent. The feast is being prepared for everyone receiving an invitation. The finest facilities are rented and the large candles, the rose bowls, the m&m candies and the chocolate fountain are just waiting for the big day. A beautiful multi-tiered bride’s cake elaborately decorated with pearls and ribbons will grace the refreshment table and on the adjoining table the groom’s cake all decked out in a camouflage icing to honor the deer hunting groom will be sliced to serve his friends. And the responses have been made. Many have indicated they will be part of our celebration. Some have not responded yet and it is getting rather close to the date of the wedding. We are uncertain about these people. Others have received their invitations but have declined. They don’t specify a reason, just “sorry we will not be attending”. And we regret they won’t be a part of our joy, but they were invited and have chosen to be absent from us. I’m sure they have what they feel are good reasons for declining our invitation. I anticipate visiting with the family I have not seen for awhile. Our daughter-in-law (the mother of the groom) will arrive tonight and then later in the week our son, our granddaughter and her friend will leave their jobs and join the family to prepare for the week-end. What joy to be together for such an occasion! God has also prepared such an occasion for His bride the church. He has made the plans; the decorations are finished and placed in readiness for the guests. Everyone has been invited to the wedding feast and yet many have not responded to the personal invitation even though the day is quickly approaching All who have already reserved a place at the celebration are anticipating the gathering. It will be a time for renewal of acquaintance, a time to share with relatives we haven’t seen for awhile, a time for joy as we assemble with so many familiar faces and surprised delight as we recognize an old friend that we didn’t expect to be there. God’s preparations are constant and unchanging and His invitation is always ready. I wonder why people refuse an invitation to celebrate God’s love for his bride throughout eternity. Much like those who sent refusals to the wedding we are planning, they are just too busy. For many, it isn’t that they haven’t been offered the invitation, just that they haven’t realized its importance. Life gets in the way of eternity. I pray today that someone will accept the invitation that God is offering to be a part of the eternal celebration when God welcomes His bride the church into eternity.