Thursday, June 4


Scrolling through my "thoughts" folder this morning and I found this. I may have used it before on the blog, but if so I can't find it and it seems worth repeating. I feel this way so often and pray each day that I can be a witness for Christ. We have had RAIN in Illinois and this morning's bright sky is such a blessing. May each of you stop for just a minute and think how God has blessed you. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME LORD. Amen

I put sheets in the washer before my walk this morning, and as I reach for the clothespins to hang them on the line I glance up at the early morning sky. Little white puffy cotton clouds float easily and white ribbon jet streams make curly bows in the clear blue of the sky.

Before my walk this morning, the sky was a dull pewter gray, but as I walked it began to clear, and now the day has come forth in all its glory. Another of God’s gifts to His creation. For a moment here by the clothes line I stand and reflect on how good God is to me. And my question as always is “Why me, Lord?” Why should I be so blessed?

I praise you for all my blessings...specifically for a husband who loves and understands me (most of the time), for the ability to walk without pain, for children and grandchildren who call us often, for friends who are healing from sickness, for this country where we can worship you openly, for the freedom to choose our leaders (even though I don’t always agree with any of them), and always for the gift of your Son for my salvation. I pray I can be worthy today of his sacrifice.