Monday, June 19

My husband is walking with me this morning. Before we reach the end of our driveway, he is three steps ahead of me. I am a slow starter. I manage to catch up, and we are now walking stride for stride and side by side. After the rains of last night (five inches in a short period of time) the warm morning sun beats down upon us, and we stroll along in companionable silence. As we continue, it suddenly dawns on me that we are walking side by side only because he has gradually shortened his stride and slowed his step. Nothing has been said between us; he had just adjusted to my pace. And there is the lesson of the day-marriage advice in a morning walk. It occurs to me that this is much of the success of our 50 years together. If only those young people just starting the walk down the aisle could comprehend early in their married life that timing is important. Sometimes he has walked ahead and I have struggled to keep up, but I did struggle! In other situations, I have charged on, and it has been necessary for him to step up his pace. It’s the caring that we walk together that has made the difference. When I have time, I am going to give examples and make this an article. Comments are welcome. To those married readers-IT’S MORE FUN WHEN YOU WALK TOGETHER!

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