Tuesday, August 14


In searching through my writings I discovered this and felt it might be worth sharing on my blog this week. My walking this week is somewhat curtailed. I have “overdone” my physical capabilities and find that my body is responding to my recent surgery. As usual I have pushed too hard too fast. I confess this is not an unusual action on my part. So instead of writing about walking I will just share some thoughts I have had. Do keep walking with our Lord...I am. AN INVISIBLE FLAVOR My husband always makes a survey of the dinner table before we bow for prayer. And I know what he is looking for...salt. If by some slip, I have forgotten to put it within his reach or even more unthinkable have not even put it on the table, he rises before we pray to retrieve the salt.(Please note that is a somewhat tongue in cheek statement, but also true.) It is that invisible flavor of life that so many of us crave and miss so much if it isn't there. Sometimes we don't even know what's missing, but the food just doesn't "taste right". We all know someone whose presence brings a glow to the environment...the club meeting goes better, the luncheon group is happier, the church board meeting is pleasant. That is the dissolved salt of Christ's love in the environment they live in. My prayer today is that Christ's love is made evident to others when they get a taste of my life.


artist said...

Clella, Absolutely true, salt is a wonderful, invisible flavor that we so crave...and adds much to the food we eat!
Christ is invisible and we certainly crave more and more of Him in our lives.
I hope that I might live with this invisible, flavorful Christ in my life and you certainly do!

Anonymous said...

Clella, I hope it is all right to give you this info on your blog. I found the scripture we spoke of.
Mark 13:11 "Whenever you are arrested and brought to trial,do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking but the Holy Spirit."
This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I have "stood" on it many times. I carried it in my pocket once when I testifed at a custody hearing and I was very nervous. I think in everything that the Lord will give us just what we need at the time we need it, and not before hand. That way I know it is from Him.
God Bless. Miriam

Anonymous said...

Great metaphor! I enjoyed that. And will work on putting into practice making sure that extra flavor is sought before I get started with my day.