Monday, August 17


SUNDAY-August 16…FIRST DAY . Spent the night at the Comfort Inn in Indianapolis. Mitch and Kaatje came over with us. Their flight does not leave until 11:30 so they got to sleep in. I was glad for them. We got up early about 5:45 and left the motel to arrive at airport much too early! Now we are waiting. We are seated by the “MOVING WALKWAY” and the monotone of “Please, watch your step” will no doubt remain in our sub conscious for the rest of the day. If you have not heard this lovely tone, it is a caution for those riding the rubber belt to the next destination; however, many people cannot just ride, they must walk so they are doing double time. Says something about the people of our society today. We are in such a hurry. Much the same thing as walking up an escalator!. The sun was a bright orange ball over Indy as we drove to the airport. A beautiful morning to start our trip. We will fly to Minneapolis and then to Vancouver. 12 people sitting around me at this point. Two talking on cell phones, three on computers, 2 reading, 1 sleeping and almost all of them are drinking a Starbucks which is just across the way. I have tried to pray a bit and remember that it is the LORD’S day but it is difficult in the airport setting. Perhaps later today I will be able to do that. 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning now. When we arrived in airport at Vancouver we waited at luggage carousel for a long period of time and no luggage. We greeted the Holland America lady and she assured us that they (the cruiseline) had picked up our luggage. We climbed aboard the bus for the dock, had a nice ride through the streets of Vancouver. Lovely, but I think might be an expensive city to live in if the bus drive is to be believed. After going through the showing passport, getting signed on to ship etc. we found our stateroom. Now get this…our number is 666. I am not a superstitious woman, but I wasn’t highly impressed with number. Our room is one of the nicest we have had on a cruise-we have a nice large couch and an extra chair so we could have guests (if we knew anyone). Now comes the fun part-we ate our first bit of soup and salad just to tide us over until going to the main dining room. At this point the announcement for the life boat check came through loud and clear. Such a fun drill, but we always meet nice people and think they would be fun in lifeboat. You can see who needs help with jacket.
When we came back to the room for a brief rest(by now I am beginning to wear down physically) we had no luggage. It seemed that everyone else had their luggage as no luggage was blocking any of the doorways.(this is usually the case on first evening of cruise.) I began to be concerned-checked with steward, checked with front office,-no luggage. At this point, I have filed a claim for lost luggage-who knows where. We do have insurance and they have assured me that clean underwear and formal attire for tomorrow evening will be provided if our luggage is not found on the ship. So the important things are covered. If it is an airline problem, the luggage might meet us in Ketchikan on Tuesday. Notice I use the term “MIGHT”. I refuse to let this spoil my evening. Going to apply fresh make-up (which I have) take a Bufferin (which I also have) and go to the main dining room for what I know will be a lovely meal. We have set sail and are now moving slowly out of the Vancouver harbor. Early Monday morning. Luggage DID NOT show up. Ship office gave us shirts and disposable underwear and free formal wear. Anxious to see what that is.:-) today is on board ship. Had a great omelet on the Lido deck. Out to discover how to get around on the ship. Monday afternoon: The evening wear is definitely NOT us, but will suffice. Jr. will be in full tux and I will wear long black velvet skirt and rather glitzy black top with cowl neckline.l (I did not spell it cow, but I feel a bit like that.) Nevertheless we will have formal wear! As we were napping after lunch the front office did call to say they had found our luggage in Vancouver! Perhaps we will be able to get it after we dock in Ketchican tomorrow. We have not planned an excursion for tomorrow but may do an underwater “experience” with a couple we have met up with from Minnesota. On Wednesday we will reach Juneau and there we have signed up to go to Whale watching and then to glacier walk and on to salmon bake. Sounds fun doesn’t it? I hope to post some pictures tomorrow or the enxt day. Today we have on-line service for ½ price after 2:00 P.M. It costs .75 a minute…yes a minute. So you know I won’t be on long. Weather is partly sunny, the ship is beautiful and Holland staff is exceptionally nice.


Johnnie Alexander said...

Oh, dear Clella. I can't help but laugh at your predicament. You tell it in such a fun way! Here's hoping and praying that your luggage catches up to you so you can show off your beautiful jackets to the other passengers!

Karen said...

Clella, what an experience. You seem to have adjusted well. I have to know what disposable underwear looks like! Ha! I'm so glad they found your luggage. Now, enjoy the rest of your lovely trip.

luv ya

Becky said...

Disposable. thinks that could be fun. And I sure hope that you got a picture of you both all dolled up in formal wear that you didn't get to pick out. AND JR, I bet looked just 'rather dapper'. Enjoy this trip and I will keep your post on favorites to see all the enjoyable times you are having.
I drove to Indy Sunday at 6AM to babysit my littlest one, I should have honked as I went by. hahahahahahaha